Drama and Art in the Classroom :D

We had a theatre lady named Ann come into our classroom for a whole week and helped and teached us make mask’s! It was a blast with her we played drama games then shaped our mask’s out of cardboard and added facial expression with cardboard and newspaper. 😀 Then we got to paint our mask’s.. It was mixed with art history and drama. We had to make our mask’s into someone from the history and make them look alike. My girl was randomly named Samatha Issabella who was a british descendent and lived in britain. She was very rich! This week with Ann was a week to remember I enjoyed everything about it!

My Buddys

New Year Resolutions

If I were to change things in myself it would be for me to be more responsibility for my belongings because I always lose stuff at home and can never find them. I would also try to help with more things to do with people. By helping people shovel their driveways because I know I can do all that. School: To read more so I can talk more about my book in my reading response. I would also try to participate more with helping instead of always being with my friends. With my family I would change not to be snarky with my parents when they try to help me. Listen to them when they ask me for help the first time, like helping with dishes. Local Community: Help people with yard work or clean up their house if they aren’t capable with doing it by their selves. I could also help shovel snow out of their driveways. To help the world, I could care more about composting waste instead of throwing it away in the garbage pail. I think all of these changes would make a big difference in 2012!

If I could Learn anything.

If I could learn anything I would want to learn to play volleyball better because I tried out for the teams this year and did’nt make the team. So I would want to learn how to play it better cause then I could make the team and be good at it.Most of my friends are really good at volleyall they made the team this year and went to the tournament and guess what they got??? 🙂 ………… A Pennant! 😀

Audit of my Blog!

Here are the question’s and my answers…..

  • How many posts did you write? I wrote 16 posts on my blog. I did all the post’s that I to do.
  • How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge? 3 of my post’s were school based, 1 was an idea from me, and 13 were based on challenges.
  • How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students? I have recieved 21 comments from classmates, oversea blogs and teachers.
  • Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened? My post called A year in my town had the most comments (7), because I explained alot about my town and fairs and parade that happen around here and everyone thought it was very interesting.
  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why? I enjoyed writing my Creativity post the most because it was a great topic to talk about cause i’m very creative at alot of things.
  • Did you change blog themes at all and why? No, I didn’t because, I really like the one I have right now.
  • How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough? I have 12 widget’s I think that 12 widgets is just enough because It can attracet people to come to my blog more.:)
  • How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll? I have one overseas blog his name is 2107dec’s. His blog is alright I guess.


My Favourite things in a worlde                                                                                           


My favourite place is Canada’s Wonderland Ontario, I love Canada’s wonderland because it is a amusement park and it is so much fun!! I Usually spend a day there once a year because my dad buys tickets from his work each year so we can go as a family. This is my Favourite place to spend a day with my family because we can go on rides all day.:) My Favourite ride is the Behemoth! It’s my favourite ride because it’s a great big roller coaster and it has a deep steep drop!<3 That I absoloutly love. We went on October 14 I’m pretty sure and I went on 16 rides. When I went on the Behemoth I went with my brother Andrew and I didn’t hold on the handle bars once My hands were up in the air the whole time even down the steep drop.!!<3(:

My other favourite thing is Hockey.!I play hockey alot because it keeps me energized and going. I am a great hockey player and one of the fastest girls on my team.:) We always have practices on monday nights and practice things we need to work on. This week I had 2 games one saturday and one sunday. On saturday we tied 0-0 and sunday we play U.s and tied 1-1. I got a penalty for 4 minutes which I didn’t like at all.:/ Hockey is one of my passions I ope to became a great hockey player in the future.:)<3

Interviewing my Brother

My brother David, David is my twin brother he can be a pain sometimes but im use to it. We used to play hockey together last year on the same teamto. But now I play girls and he plays boys. He plays soccer too and so do I.  I’m 55 minutes older then him cause I am awesomer ;). We use to do lots of stuff together but now that we are older not so much anymore.
We are in the same class this year and we were last year to. We arn’t identical cause i’m a girl and he’s a boy, so we can’t be identical we are ferternal twins.


I think I can increase my comments on my blog by leaving comments on other peoples blog. I could do this by going to blog’s all around the world and leaving comments and my URL  within the comment. I also could go to the participant’s thing and click any random blog then leave a comment to.  So I can probably get more comments if I leave more on other peoples blogs.

My Family!

My family is quiet a big family we have 6 members in it, I have 2 brothers and 1 sister and a mom and dad. 1 of my brothers is my twin his name is David! Im older by 55 minutes. We all love hockey and play hockey except for my mom and dad. The boys in my family like golf to.

On October 24th My family and I went to Canadas Wonderland to spend time together it was so much fun we went on 16 rides and had a great day!(:

Last year we went up north to my aunts cottage to spend like 5 days we went swimmingm hiking, boating and fishing. It was alot of fun<3(:


I did Kerpoof:) First I click make a drawing , then I chose a scene , I choose the pool scene then I place character on to the scene. Whala Now I got a creative picture:) I picked this one because It was fast and easy. I didnt have enough time to do it last night so I had to do it before school. I absoloutly love beinjg creative exspiecally in school and class time. I remeber last year I was really creative. I loved being creative.

Is Halloween important to you?

Halloween isn’t really that important to me, because most the people believe as being witch’s, ghost’s etc. Some people just dress up as girl’s. One of the reasons why I like going trick or treating is for the candy none of the other nonsense like dressing up as monsters and aliens.  I understand why little children dress up and go go candy but it’s kinda lame when older kids dress up as scary people.

I am going to go out for halloween just as me with a witch hat and pink hair. (; To be honest I think it is really fun going out to get candy with my friends cause I get to spend time with them. I dont believe in any of those kind of things like skeleton’s, ghost, witch’s, frankenstein and monster’s. I JUST GO FOR THE CANDY :D!!!

Comment and tell me what you like about halloween?:)