A year in my town , Week 2 Activity 4

Well once every year in my town we have bayfest it gets celebrated once a year right before school starts. There is so many this to do and so many things to see! This year I went with my friends and had a blast except forwhen I got puored on :/. It was so fun there were ridesand a awesome parade and horse rides.

Every year in October we have a fair and there is way more things to do at this fair then bayfest. There is way more rides and way more people. Last year I went with my friends and it was so much fun, I went on the fireball like 10 times and the drop zone a couple. There is farm shows horse rides etc.


7 thoughts on “A year in my town , Week 2 Activity 4

  1. Hi, I think your blog is so cool and interesting! It sucks that you got rained on but I bet you had a blast! I would like to learn more bout that bay fest! Well have fun! Hope you read my blog and leave a comment at 2107dec.edublogs.org!

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